Welcome to Pharmatrust Consult

Pharmatrust Consult is the brain behind Pharmatrust Ltd, the holding Company of Pharmatrust Pharmacy Ltd and Pharmatrust Professional College. Pharmatrust Consult was established in 2008 as a research organization focused on providing solutions to the challenges facing the Pharmaceutical sector in Ghana.

The first research the consult did was to find which sector of the Pharmaceutical Industry that was self fulfilling to practice as Pharmacists. The research findings focused on the following arrears of Pharmacy practice in Ghana:

  1. Hospital Practice
  2. Industry Practice
  3. Medical Practice
  4. Community Pharmacy Practice
  5. Academia
  6. "Pharmaprenuer"
The research interviewed about twenty Pharmacists each in these six sectors of Pharmacy Practice in Ghana who practiced for about 5-25years. The research took 6months. The final conclusion was that surprisingly, the most fulfilling aspect of Pharmacy practice in Ghana was to be a Pharmapreneur. This research also realized that irrespective of the area of practice financial freedom was a key reason why most person considered Pharmacy practice and other professions in general.

Majority of persons who took part in this survey said their goal for pursuing Pharmacy was better health to their community, poverty alleviation amongst others. The research confirmed that ''you can be a successful professional and be poor but you can never be a successful entrepreneur and be poor''. Some Pharmacist who cannot withstand the challenges and frustration in setting up their businesses have diverted into other areas outside pharmacy practice to alleviate poverty professionals play a vital role but entrepreneurs provide the solution.

If you like this then go and like Pharmatrust Pharmacy Ltd page. The outcome of this research motivated the set up Pharmatrust Pharmacy Ltd in my drive to become a Pharmapreneur. The next most inspiring research done by Pharmatrust Consult was to investigate the focus and dreams and aspirations of students in pre-tertiary institutions. The research took 18 months and interviewed about 5000 pre-tertiary students aged between 18years- 30years from 30 pre-tertiary schools. This research was to find the key reasons for why students undertake pre-tertiary programs after senior high education. The findings were:

1. To be able to get employable skills and employment - 73%
2. For progression to tertiary institutions 25%
3. 2% did not answer specifically to this

The second phase of the research was to find whether they could achieve this goal after their pre-tertiary education. Eighty (80) percent of those who wanted career development from pre-tertiary education could not let this dream come true; nineteen (19) percent could realize this dream. 1 percent did not or could not be followed up after their pre-tertiary education. The third phase of the research was to find out why about 80% of students with passion for employment after pre-tertiary education could not meet expectation of the employers.

It was found out that these students lacked various qualities (employable skills) the employers were looking for. Hence there was a big gap between the knowledge they had acquired and the expectation of the employers. Closing this gap is what motivated the establishment of Pharmatrust Professional College. We are consciously creating a platform where we are not only interested in training pre-tertiary students but more importantly we are giving them:

1. Employable skills and link them with employers
2. Entrepreneurial skills to see the business side of life
3. A career progression plan to let them realize their full potential

To let students achieve this dream, every student who goes through any program at Pharmatrust Professional College undertakes 48hour course with classical case and situational studies in the following areas
a) Entrepreneurship
b) Customer service and organizational and business ethics

We are in the process of signing a memorandum of understanding MOU with some private and public universities where students upon completing their pre- tertiary programs at our end will be referred to them to facilitate their admission process. This is what we stand for. If you like what you are reading like this page this page and share with your friends and other face book group you join.

We know you can help us realize this dream by sharing this vision to your friends. Who knows the lives we may be touching with this vision could go a long way to benefit a relative, a friend or ''even an enemy". In a country where unemployment rate has reached unprecedented levels and we have failed to walk the talk that ''the private sector is the engine of growth'' we have little or no option than to support this worthy cause. With God on our side, passionate and dedicated professionals who are ready to give more than their best and your support in recommending prospective students to us, we believe we can make this dream a reality. We don't expect this journey to be smooth, easy and soon, but we will take daily, monthly and yearly steps without losing momentum to realize this dream.

Your likes and sharing takes us a step closer to what we want to do for mother Ghana. Soon a well integrated website about everything Pharmatrust will be outdoored. Prospective students get on board; employers should also get on board. Sharing our pages means sharing in our dreams. You are part of the beginning of this success story. Currently Pharmatrust Consult having engineered the establishment of Pharmatrust Pharmacy and Pharmatrust Professional College is into the following:
1. Inventory management services, Point of sale software installation training and upgrade, stock taking and management advisory services to Pharmaceutical companies
2. Consultants to Manufacturers, exporters and importers of Pharmaceutical products on market penetration, brand development and brands management
3. Product Registration, Representation and Distribution
4. Human Resource Development for the Pharmaceutical and other selected sectors. We undertake on the job training for all categories of staff in areas of customer service, credit control, sales management, customer prospecting and development for newly employed staff and existing staff.

We also undertake recruitment of staff for the health industry on behalf of our clients in retail Pharmacies, Wholesale Pharmacies, Manufacturing and other sectors, hospitals, clinics, private laboratories and other related businesses.

In addition we provide recruitment for organizations who need supt. Pharmacists and locum Pharmacist, medical representative etc. Pharmacists can inbox me their details and organizations who need pharmacists can inbox me as well. Pharmatrust consult in making sure this dream becomes fruitful has a standing team aggressively engaging employers for attachment and job placement for our students.

Most of these services by Pharmatrust Consult are free for now because we believe that is the seed we are sowing to make this dream a reality. Our greatest reward will be to make this happen, so God help us.

Yours truly
Pharm. Anthony Kwame Adjepong.